Husband’s weight gain

I need help with the way I am thinking about my husband. He has recently gained some weight (up until now has always been very lean and fit). I don’t like the way his body looks, especially his gut that hangs over his pants now. I feel bad that I think this way, telling myself that’s not something a supportive wife should do, and also I should know better because I have had a lot of body image issues myself. He doesn’t judge me for my body so why I am judging him for his? Still, I find it really unattractive. Here is my model:

C: Husband has gained weight
T: That is so unattractive
F: Repulsed
A: Focus on it, pay over attention to how his body looks, find more evidence for how he is unattractive
R: Turn it into a bigger deal, create more dissatisfaction.

I know in my head that circumstances are neutral, but my thought feels so true! I can’t think of a new model.