Hyper vigilance towards possible problems or threats

Hi! After a tumultuous childhood, 10 years of employment in a church with sexual harassment and verbal degradation from staff and those in authority, and 15yrs with an emotionally unstable and explosively violent husband, I have a continued to struggle with looking for and projecting out things that COULD happen. I’ve been out of my marriage for almost 4 years, out of the toxic job for 13months and am now growing a business a love and in a very happy and healthy relationship on top of seeing a therapist 3 times a month. I am often looking for things on social media that could be an indication of a possible issue or future issue as well as asking for reassurance from coworkers, my partner, and my staff. It can be wearing for them and exhausting for me. I am often not mentally and physically present in the same place and it is disappointing to my family as I end up zoning out with worst case scenarios in my thoughts. Can you help guide me towards how to work through this tendency? Thank you!