I Am Enough

Quick Little Update/Thought to Share: A while ago, I heard a motivational speaker and coach speak about how her clients suffer from low self-esteem – and she tells them to put up sticky notes in their homes that say “I am enough”. I thought this sounded like a great idea, so I put them up everywhere. Little yellow sticky notes that all said “I Am Enough”… in my closet, on the shower door, inside my cabinets. (These slowly disappeared as my partner found them – until the only one left was the one in my closet). Since starting SCS and doing The Model and falling into so much related work (Pema, Steve Chandler, Steven Pressfield, etc.), my attitude about myself and life has really opened up. And today, I saw that yellow sticky “I Am Enough” quote in my closet – and for the first time, it sounded too small. Even a little patronizing. “Enough,” I thought. “Enough? Egad, I’m MORE than enough!” So I took it down and replaced it with 2 NEW sticky notes… One says “I Love You” and the other says “You Are Awesome!” – and those feel much more accurate. I think the “I Am Enough” was a nice little stair-step thought — but now, with your help, I’ve outgrown it. I’ve stopped drinking, I’m eating healthy – only when I’m hungry, accepting and open to reality now (versus my made-up model of it) and this is my FIRST freakin’ month! Thank you for everything! Can’t wait to continue this journey with SCS over the coming months and years. 🙂

P.S. OH! Reading the answers to all of the “Ask Brooke” questions (even if they don’t directly apply to me) has been amazing. I saw your “Thoughts About Your Kids” response – and I printed them out. So good to see our kids in a realistic way! Thanks again, Brooke!