I Am Terrible At Allowing Urges

Hi, I am a two-months scholar and I joined in order to lose weight.
I watched all the Stop Overeating workshop and also the Stop Overdrinking videos, in order to have all the information I can get on urges and how to manage them.
I have created myself a protocol and have been trying to start it for the last ten days with no success.
I have created a list of Focus Thoughts as well as Error Thoughts, I know exactly when the urge comes to me during the day (morning time) and I have mentally prepared for it. I have cleaned out all sugar and flour from my house and bought the protocol food that are readily available to me.

Here’s what I noticed happens to me:
Morning comes, I wake up and notice immediately thoughts that create desire for me. I acknowledge them and don’t react to them and go about my morning routine.
Then it’s time on my calendar to write towards my book and I notice strong urges that come up for me. Quickening and hurry mostly. I notice for a second a thought that says, ‘Let’s order some goodies from that bakery,’ and I take a notepad, I write down this thought. I write to myself that I notice I am having this thought and I notice that I am having this urge and right there my hand goes to the browser and within two minutes I processed an order from that bakery of few pastries. When it is at my door, half an hour later, I eat it and promise to start tomorrow.

Clearly, I am missing some part or I am just terrible at allowing urges.
Would you help me understand what point exactly I need to do it differently?