I am too skinny’ thought.


I have a good weight (currently 125) if I am being honest and objective to myself but my primitive brain it’s always making me believe I don’t have the weight that I should. I always believe I am too skinny, and I should gain more weight, and the more I weight Im never confident enough about this. It’s funny how most of the people want to loose weight and I want the opposite. I don’t feel confident enough when I loose weight and actually because of my thought after a stressful period of time I end up loosing weight and feeling less confident. I know my confidence doesn’t come from my circumstance, so I did a thought download on this.

During 4th to 8th grade my classmates were always saying I am too skinny.( I know this is a circumstance)
And also when I was little my mom she was always trying to appear more heavy in weight, by wearing bigger clothes then her actual size.

If I am under 130 pounds I am not ok.
If I am too skinny I am not attractive enough.
No matter what I do I will always loose weight.
Being skinny it’s something wrong with that.
I do not want to be skinny.
I should gain more weight to feel confident.
( I know this is not right:)
My emotions make me loose more weight.

I would like to work on this subject, and I believe first I wanna understand why I feel the need to be gain more weight, or if you have other suggestion where I should start the work on this, they are more then welcomed:)

Thank you very much:)