I can not make this model work..

HI Brooke, need help with a model and help me think differently about my husband. The night before last my husband left his car and house keys in his unlocked truck all night in front of our home. In the morning he discovered the truck had been opened and although there was little of value in the truck two men walked off with our house and his truck keys. I know it was two men as the security cameras saw them but we are not able to identify anyone from the grainy pictures.

As soon as he told me I said I’m calling a locksmith and having the house rekeyed. He told me I was being ridiculous and blowing this way out of proportion and changing the locks was not happening. I told him under no circumstances was our house not going to be rekeyed and it was happening NOW. I called a locksmith and when he arrived the locksmith asked me for all the keys we had so he could rekey the doors. Unknown to me there were several keys and my husband refused to help me locate the other keys needed. I lost my mind and yelled and called him every f-word..in 20 years of marriage he has never seen me go off..it was so bad the locksmith left and had to call another. I located the extra keys and the house was rekeyed for only $197, I would have paid any amount of money to feel safe and he can not see what the big deal is. We are still as mad at each other as can be and I can only see him as a weak, selfish man who did not take care of us when I needed him. I’m sure he sees me a screaming bitch. I told him it was not the mistake of the keys being stolen it was he did not want or feel it necessary to fix the problem. I have a history of my Grandparents being home invaded and he thinks I’m bringing that emotion into this situation ..I see it as taking necessary precautions in a new world where crime can happen anywhere..

C. Pete did not want me to call a locksmith when our house keys are stolen from his car in the driveway
T. He’s not going to take care of this but I am no matter what.
F. angry
A. I get it fixed
R. Locks are changed, I’m still angry and disappointed in my husband