I Can’t Contain Myself!

Ok. This isn’t a question – more of a “gush” – but I have to gush!!! Here’s the deal. I J-U-S-T started to read through May’s Relationship Workbook – and I read something that almost made me cry. It’s huge. Massive. It’s B-I-G and I’m like… why has NO ONE ever told me this before. So big, I typed it up and am keeping it by my computer to remind me. Here it is:

“You don’t need to do anything differently or be different to be loved more. Here’s why. You being loved or not is not about you. It’s about the person loving you. Your lovability has to do with my CAPACITY to love you, not the other way around. Think of a rose. How lovable is a rose? Depends on who loves it, right? Same is true about you. If your parents didn’t love you, it was because they didn’t have the capacity to love you. Your lovability is absolute. If you don’t love me, that is a reflection of you, not me. Are you getting it? If you don’t love a rose, I’m not going to blame the rose for not being lovable. Same is true if you are loved tremendously. It’s an indication of the person LOVING. Not you. You are as lovable as the person’s ability to love. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO BECOME MORE LOVABLE. The only thing that can change how much someone loves you is their ability, decision, and capacity to love you. So relax. You are as lovable as you will ever be. Infinitely lovable. You always have been. (Brooke Castillo)”

We should be shouting this from the rooftops!!! Almost NO ONE KNOWS THIS! By seeing “How we’re loved by others” as simply “their choice and capacity to love us” – not “how valuable we are internally” or “how lovable we are”… I mean… wow. Their actions, words, thoughts, etc. have ZERO to do with the real me – my real lovability – it really IS all about them. Egad. My brain is still processing this. 🙂

If anyone ever complains about the price of your coaching, they’re simply not using it. This one paragraph was worth the entire price of May’s membership. Heck, worth 10x and then some! Consider this an air high-five and deep thank you for this massive insight. 😀