I can’t handle it

I’ve been a responsible person all my life, and have also been an underachiever. I’ve played it waaaaaay safe. I was thinking about why I habitually haven’t taken big action to go after things I wanted and came up with several unintentional thoughts: I don’t feel like it, It’s too hard, It won’t be that good anyway, I won’t be that good at it, I don’t have what it takes, etc. Then the thought, “I can’t handle it” came up and immediately I was in tears and felt like I had been socked in the stomach. Bingo! I didn’t realize that I held that core belief. I am showing tenderness and compassion to the part of me that has held on to this belief since childhood.. I’ve come up with these intentional thoughts: “If others can handle it, so can I!” For sure I won’t do it perfectly, but I can absolutely handle it well enough!” Thank you, dear Brooke.