I change my mind and like both reasons

I was trying to decide if I should finish a certification. I realized the reason was only to push through to get the certificate and that’s not why I started the course. I started the course to learn and embody the practices and I was doing none of that, so I decided to quit and I decided I liked my reasons.

My son then came home so excited about getting a B on a paper. We’ve been putting energy into his learning and it was glorious to see the payoff on his face.

He said, “I see you working on your studies so hard Mum and I know you can do it too.”
So I can’t quit now. I want to be an example to my son. I want to prove it to him and me. I want to finish the certification. I know I can do it and embody it. And I like these reasons too.

However, it is a pattern for me to make a decision, be all in, and then change my mind.
I think this flip-flopping takes up a lot of my mental space and doesn’t help me learn to be decisive. Help, please.