I decided

Thank you, Brooke and coaches, for helping me push myself to decide on an impossible goal for 2019. Once I decided, my brain was ready to tell me what a completely “unworthy” goal it was and how much I suck. How predictable! I’m eager to get to work while also sitting with all the self doubt.

I’m going simple but daunting for my goal: Take one picture each day of the year with my DSLR and post it online. By Dec 31, 2019 at 6 p.m. Pacific, I will have sent the pictures in to make a book of 365 photographs from the previous year.

I also hope this will result in improving my technical skills as a photographer, and lead to becoming less fearful about failing in public by forcing myself to post daily (which will invariably showcase some shitty pictures). Ultimately, I’m hoping this project leads to a website re-do/re-brand and a launched photo business.

But really it’s about fully committing no matter what. And showing myself I can follow through.