I did not get my money

Please help me with this.
I am in a partnership with my colleague. He has access to and manages the funds as he is founder of our company.
We both work very hard.
We were both supposed to get x amount of money at the end of the year. He tells me we were supposed to get the same amount, (I take his word for it).
I did not get the money.
When I asked him for it today, he said he has reinvested it for further recruitment of employees.
This makes me angry. Although I know it is for the growth of our business.

C: I did not get my money
T: I don’t trust him (did he really use it for recruitment or has he kept it )
F: anger/irritation/distrust
A: confrontation
R: meeting is planned to go over the books/ numbers

So what now?? It seems like the resolution/ result of above model is good.
But I am still angry.
I still don’t know if he is being honest – I only have his word to go by.
He tells me we are partners – but I do not have access to the finances of the business.
He has said however that it is an open book relationship and I can look at the finances.
In spite of this, I still feel like he may be hiding something and keeping more money.