I don’t like my husband

I don’t like the behavior I experience from my husband. He plays a video game on his phone for close to 3 hours a day on the workdays and close to 7 hours on the weekends. I realize I have a manual for him that he shouldn’t play this much and spend more time with our kids. I also realize this is buffering for him, he may not like what is going on between us or this could just be what he’d rather be doing. I’m also realizing that I don’t really like him that much even when he isn’t playing. If he wasn’t playing the game he wouldn’t be doing anything that helpful. I don’t like being around him, he has such negative energy, always complaining. I’ve thought about divorce but worried about what he would be like with our kids if he had them by himself for part of the time.

C: My husband plays a video game for 3 hours a day during the work week and more on the weekends.
F: anger, worry, disgust
A: I just let him be, I will sometimes ask him to help get the kids ready for bed, I resent him, I don’t try to really engage with him. I fantasize about being divorced.
R: The cycle continues, nothing changes with him and nothing changes with me.

Help please, I joined Scholars because I thought this work would help me be different, I don’t want to continue like this. I realize I may not be happier if he stopped, I can see that the work of scholars would tell me that maybe I’m thinking if he didn’t play a video game so much then I could be happy, and I’m not saying that. I don’t feel unhappy, I don’t like him and I may not like him if he isn’t playing. Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe if we were separated or divorced he wouldn’t play the video game when I wasn’t around because he wouldn’t need to buffer from me and our relationship.