I don’t like playground child

I’d love some help with this Model

C – thinking about / remembering playground child (a 2.5 year old) pushing my daughter (a 1.5 year old) on multiple occasions, laughing about it and continuing to do it when my daughter cried and he was told to stop including in dangerous situations like playground towers)
T – I don’t like playground child
F – angry
A – avoid social interactions with playground child’s family, don’t invite them round even though I love hanging out with his parents. Feel uncomfortable around his parents. Think they should be enforcing consequences. Don’t say this to them but ruminate over whether I should. On one occasion enforce a consequence myself (tell playground child if it happens again he’ll be sent home) but don’t follow through as my daughter cried and wanted him to stay and I felt embarrassed as I wasn’t sure how his parents would feel about me disciplining him and I felt socially awkward asking them to leave. Over think the issue
R – ???