I hate my physical appearance

Hello coaches,

I can’t stand my physical appearance. Whenever I look at the mirror, I think that my face is ugly and that I’m not thin enough.
I know that it might be ridiculous but I actually feel kind of despaired.

My unintentional model:
C: I see me in the mirror
T: I am ugly
F: despaired
A: I buy cosmetics, I keep looking at me in the mirror as if I could suddenly become someone else, I ruminate, I wish I was different, I avoid eye contact with others, I walk in the street with my head down
R: I hate my physical appearance even more

Intentional model:
C: I see me in the mirror
T: Being attractive depends not on the way you look but it depends on your attitude
F: empowered
A: I talk to other people, genuinely listen, smile, I walk with my head “up”
R: I’m becoming the person I wanted to be

Are these models correct?
Could I use other thoughts in the intentional model?
Is there any material that could help me on this matter?

Thank you!