I have gained 2 kilos

I have gained 2 kilos.  I am a weight loss coach and I had lost 20 kilos (3 years back) and stayed at 52-54 kilos for all this while. I have 2 meals a day and aim to have no flour no sugar most of the times. I have flour and sugar once a week. I plan it mostly.

Lately, I have been allowing myself to lick and bite flour and sugar during my meals. Also, I have been having 2-3 unplanned flour and sugar meals for the last 3-4 weeks. I am again in 54’s. I check my weight daily so I know I need to tighten my protocol. I guess it all comes down to allowing urges. But when urges come, I think I am healthy and I can eat flour and sugar. I think what if I was ok even with flour and sugar. I aim to be 52 and not have flour and sugar ever. I tried it once for 3 months and it made me realize going off flour and sugar was possible. I want to become a version of me who gives up flour and sugar for good.