I have no life after giving up overeating

I no longer overeat. I am incredibly bored with my life because overeating gave me so much to do. I started a relationship and my partner has told me that I need to find something other than him to invest my time in. I realized that I jumped from overeating to making my partner the number one thing in my life. I have come to the conclusion that I need to find things to do in my free time. Why is it so hard to figure this out? I have been trying new things, but I haven’t found anything yet that excites me and I want to continue doing it. My future self imagines me feeling happy, thinking thoughts like “My life is so simple” “I am a lifelong learner because I continue to try learning new things” “I love my relationship with myself” Currently, I am BEING just as I would be as my future self, a year from now. When I come from that space, I continue learning and trying new things BUT I continue having thoughts that make me feel bored. Is the simplicity of it to just continue to CHOOSE thoughts that make me get the emotions I want?