I havent dont June or Julys work…🤔

I joined scholars in April and have loved it! So awesome! What I’m getting hung up on now but not really is that I havent tuned in and listened or done any of June or julys work. But if I look at the overall picture it’s like april and May’s work is really starting to jelly and stick in my life. My kids are home from school (3of them) I own a coffee shop and work the early morning shift which through listening to post cast and time management month I’m able to do. My kids each take a day a work a shift with me and they look forward to it and I love it! Each of us have a very clear picture of what our days look like hour to hour. It feels so right to just flow with this new clean schedule and keep going with it. Is this heard of? To have things that are taught actually jelly months later and is it ok to just roll like this. I dont want to be giving up on being coached. Yet I am setting it on hold to feel the new adjustments. Thanks