I just met him 4 days ago on Tinder

I met a guy on Tinder four days ago. Since then we’ve really hit it off. Communication is very open. I feel I can be honest with him and I’ve also shared my fears already for example “what if I share too much” and he doesn’t have a problem with that at all. He enjoys that and encourages me to share even more.

I do feel attracted to this guy a lot. But we’ve only talked online. Three days after meeting we went from Tinder to Facebook and sent voice messages. This brought us even closer.

I see this is moving really fast and intense which is great because this is exactly what I want. But I do have a question about how open I can be. When is it too much?

And how deep can I allow myself to feel all the good things? I haven’t even met him. These are all illusions. What if we meet and I don’t like the guy at all? With this, I’ve decided that I like this guy so why am I already putting myself in a mindset of not liking him. So, is it good to allow myself to feel all the love or should I hold back and first see who this guy is?