I just want to hide and run away

Hi there

I work as intern at a company of social workers. I work with “troubled” teens. One with whom I had a good relationship got on my nerves. I just had annoyed feelings and thoughts about her. I couldn’t stand her anymore. I tried to hide it but i think she must have sensed it.
now we are at a point where she doesn’t want to do anything with me. She doesn’t want to talk to me. nor say hi to me etc.

I spoke with one of my bosses. and she coached me on that. and I thought it would help. I felt empowered. I had thoughts written down like: I’m still in this relationship even if she’s not.
We still have a good relationship even if she doesn’t talk to me right now.

But now she is here again, talking and joking to everyone else. Except me.
and I feel like a victim. I’m almost crying and I want to walk away from this job.

Also today my other boss is not here. So its just me and the co workers. And one of them tries everything so I don’t interact with the girl who doesn’t talk to me. I know she means well but it gives off signs that she doesn’t have my back. and I just want to scream and cry.

I think I’m in this situation as a personal role and not as a professional.
I want to be that professional role and have compassion for that girl even if she’s mean and doesn’t want to talk to me.
Its like she snaps at me and I want to snap back.

Any advice? Need encouragement and wise words.