I look for the failure in me

I have a habit of celebrating the failures in me.
I love to dwell on the broken bits of my mind.

I want to be at a place where I celebrate the victories and beauties of my life, brain and body.

I am spending 15 minutes every day on a gratitude meditation, and I always put myself as one of the three things I appreciate.
I also put myself as the token of appreciation when I journal.

I guess my appreciation muscle is still underdeveloped, but I’m on the path.

I am currently at a point where I don’t even care reacting to all that my brain is telling me.
My stories are:
– how I will forever be single because of my lack of social clues
– if I get in a relationship, I will quickly end it because I dislike X, Y and Z
– how I will die early because of ill-managed mental health

do I look for the opposite thoughts?
do I keep ignoring the avalanche of thoughts pouring through my mind like starling magic on an autumn day?
I guess I should take these beliefs for 20 min coaching, but then what?