I now know how much I have evolved over the last one year

I have been writing a few questions here in ask a coach about my freaking out at work when I am challenged by coworker or a customer discovers a mistake.

As I wrote and hit submit on a few questions, I realized this
I will plan on me freaking out – I seem to be doing it often and make it mean a huge deal because I expect myself not to freak out
Why is freaking out ok ?
Welcome to -50. This us the discomfort that’s just part of the journey.

The next time I see a challenging question , a blame or complaint or customer is unhappy – I will remind myself
– oh, here is the negative 50. This is expected. I am right on track !!

I kept asking myself why do I still need so much self coaching even on becoming a diamond and that in what way have I evolved during the last year.
This post right here is my evidence. I am able to come up with my own answers for my questions. I am learning to find answers from my own brain.