I want to be criticized

So, this morning I read the answer you posted to a question of mine from yesterday and I had two really good insights.
The first is that when I read other people’s questions, your voice in my head when you give your answer is very supportive and excited and confident. When I read the answers to my questions, you are very critical. Obviously, this is just a thought in my head, which I did a very useful model on this morning.
The other very useful insight was the thought, Brooke is criticizing me and that is totally fine. In fact, I kind of look forward to it, because I am a person who can hear criticism and be okay. With that thought, whether you were criticizing or not doesn’t even matter, it just opens me up to be able to hear what your answer was.

Unintentional Model
C- Brooke gave me criticism
T- I can’t handle having her correct me
F- Embarrassed
A- Beat myself up, stop asking questions
R- Not learning, growing, or evolving

Intentional Model
C- Brooke gave me criticism
T- I can hear criticism and learn from it (I even look forward to it!)
F- Excited, confident
A- Ask more questions, look for feedback
R- Learn, grow, evolve

So, thank you for answering my question and giving me so many models to do!