I want to be in a relationship but am single

I have a deep desire to be in a relationship. Brooke says we want the result because it will make us feel a certain way but we need to feel that way now to get that result. The feelings I want to have when in a relationship are, loved, desired, cared for, and wanted. These are the feelings I need to be generating now?

Here are my models but I am feeling stuck in them. I started with the results (be in rel) and then added the F (loved) but my thought is He loves me. not sure what actions these create. i don’t see how this will get me closer to the result of getting into a relationship.

this would be my model if i already had the result

C relationship?
T he loves me
F loved
R Be in a relationship

This is my current model

C single
T i have a deep desire to be in a relationship
F disappointment (bc I’m not)
A feel sad about it, not go online dating, not meet new people, not date
R I’m not in a relationship


C single
T The man of my dreams is out there
F hopeful
A go online dating, go on dates
R find my person

i am not sure hopeful is the feeling bc hope doesn’t really call me to action.

maybe i need to focus on loving, caring, wanting and desiring myself before getting into a relationship?