"I will be more fulfilled"

Hello! I just tried doing a model based on the second class of the certification program. Brooke showed us how to start with the R line as the result you want and put your current circumstance in the C line and work your way back up to the current C from the R. Please see my model:

C: working as a program manager
T: [see question below]
F: Confident
A: Get certified / licensed
R: Being a life coach / therapist

My question is around the T line… Given that my current job is great — my compensation is great, I feel respected, and I’m learning a lot, I’m not sure what I can think to get me to that R. The reason I want to get to that R is that I’ve always wanted to be a therapist (and now that I’ve found life coaching – maybe a life coach as well or instead). It has always felt like my calling and I think I’ll be “next level” fulfilled by doing it. So, my first thought for the T line is “I will be more fulfilled being a life coach than a program manager.” BUT, doesn’t that miss the point that I can feel more fulfilled by changing my thoughts in my current circumstance? Is that a “valid” thought that will get me to that R? I just don’t want to fall in the trap of chasing fulfillment by changing my circumstances that can only come from changing my thoughts.

The alternative would just be to stay at my job forever, but that’s not what I want…

Thanks so much for your thoughts.