I work while my husband plays on his phone.

There seems to be a reoccurring event that happens in my home many nights. I clean up the kitchen in the evening after putting the kids to bed, while my husband relaxes on his phone. I am pretty sure he is checking ESPN or scrolling through Twitter. He is waiting for me to finish my work so I can go to bed with him. In the past, I have asked for help in the kitchen, and he huffs and grumbles. This is a complete turn off for me and I have no desire to go to bed with him. His reaction infuriates me. I have run an Unintentional model on it and then an Intentional Model, but I struggle with believing my Intentional Model. In fact, I don’t want to believe my Intentional Model. I want him to do the right thing and help me in the kitchen. This is my first month in scholars and I feel completely ignorant on how to apply the model to my life. I know a thought is just a thought and it only has the power to influence my mood if I allow it to do so, but my emotions are strong. I don’t think I even want to change my thoughts on this situation and have an Intentional Model. There must be some concept I am not understanding and struggling to apply to this situation because I do not feel better. My thoughts and feelings are not neutral on this topic. Help, please. What am I missing?