Identifying the thoughts that cause positive results

Hi, this is my first month doing SCS. I was listening to the business live Q&A call yesterday (Th 10/18/18) and got a huge insight from some coaching the coach provided a client about the thoughts that were creating her results. The client had created a result of $5,000, but was not owning how her thoughts created that result; owning that her own thoughts created the result would allow her to keep creating it over and over again.

I need coaching on helping me identify the thoughts (and in some cases, feelings) that I’ve been having to create some really amazing results this month so I can own them. The results are amazing because I have been wanting to do these things (training for a race, decluttering), but have not found myself making them happen until now.

Here’s a few models where I’m missing the thoughts. Any insight as to what the heck I’m telling myself that seems to be working so I can keep doing it intentionally? 🙂 (It’s weird, because I have very little trouble identifying the negative thoughts that lead me to poor results!)

Model 1:
C: I have a half marathon scheduled.
T: I want to do well (?); I love running! (?); I want to push myself (?)
F: Motivated; excited; determined
A: Do my training run (and enjoy it/feel proud of myself after)
R: Another notch in my Garmin record showing that a run was completed.

Model 2:
C: Homework for SCS was to organize/declutter my closet/car/etc.
T: ???
F: ???
A: scheduled it and did it
R: clean/decluttered closet/car/etc.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.