If my boyfriend doesn’t love me that means I am not lovable enough.


After alot of thought downloads I got to see clearly that I am thinking ‘If my boyfriend doesnt love me, that means I am not lovable enough’.
I coudlnt be more Happy I got to realize I’ve been thinking this because it was bringing me pain I didn’t know where was coming from.
I do not agree the thought, but as Brooke is teaching us not to rush in changing a thought until we are ready, I decide to stay with the feeling I have any time my brain sees an ‘evidence’ that he doesn’t love me. I didn’t know why was so hard for me to let go of the relationship with him, and now I know it. So my plan is not to feed the feeling of ‘do something’ when I feel like getting in touch with him, and just observe it, describe it, and stay with it. My goal is to get so used to the feeling that I actually realize it’s no harm for me, and then practice new thought. I am doing it right here?