I’ll never be skeptical again!

I’d like to share my experience with you, and I want to say thank you for blowing my mind wide open in a way that I was not expecting at all. At first I was reeeeeally skeptical about the November theme. It seemed too esoteric or abstract on the surface. But I decided to just commit to doing the exercises and I was open to seeing what would happen. Well, I stand corrected! It’s not abstract AT ALL. I am shocked by how many indulgent emotions I feel on a regular basis. Holy moly. This is huge. So much self-pity, guilt, shame, embarrassment, worry, and more. Who knew?!? We’re only a week into November, and I’m already catching myself throughout the day in moments of noticing, actually consciously thinking to myself, “That looks like an indulgent emotion. What’s up with that?” I had never considered the subtle distinction between unwanted-but-needed emotions and indulgent-and-unneeded emotions. Before this month, I thought that emotions were just either positive or negative, period. (I still sometimes struggle with determining whether an emotion is indulgent versus unwanted-but-needed, but I’ve found that listening to my body helps with that. Does making this distinction get easier over time?) I want to thank you for opening up a whole new world to me–and that world was inside me all along, just waiting to be noticed. I think November might be one of the Big Ones for me. Thank you so much.