I’m a damn good coach

Starting out with my true belief: I’m a damn good coach. Here’s the kicker, I have not yet changed my own life in some spectacular way, so I am hesitant to pursue my coaching business until I do. I want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I’m currently IN the struggle. Still learning how to allow urges. Working on all the basics. All my favorite coaches that I look up to have made some incredible shift in their life and now they coach on that particular shift. I have nothing of the sort to market myself, therefore, I can’t be a successful coach. I know that this is flawed thinking, but I need help digging my way out of this.

Unintentional model:
C goal to pursue coaching practice
T I have not yet made the changes I want in MY life so I can’t market myself
F discouraged
A push coaching aside while I work on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle shifts, avoid coaching practice and/or applied coaching track sessions, not seek clients
R Still not making changes