I’m a sham part 2

Hi, thank you for helping me put my TD into a model, I’ve filled in the rest:

C: Work from home 40 hours per week, kids are home
T: It all feels like too much on my plate.
F: Overwhelm
A: I sign into my computer, I try to look busy “working” for my required hours, sometimes I work nights, and weekends to get in all my hours. Spend time on my phone because… not sure of my why. I guess I buffer and it’s a nice break to look at Pintrest. I put on headphones to drown out the sound of my kids watching TV or playing. I sometimes get them to work on a math review worksheet. I sometimes stare out the window.
R: I’m getting work done but I could be getting more done. I’m tuning my kids out at night, I buffer by reading or watching Netflix, I feel awful about my performance.

Not sure where to go with this but I put down a bridge thought:
C: Work from home 40 hours per week, kids are home
T: I am working, things are getting done, I don’t have to be a rock star
F: Calmer

But I’m not sure I”ve really addressed my resentment having to work 40 hours week. I know from being in Scholars that I should be open and curious. So I guess I can work on the thought, I wonder how I can structure my day/work so I feel energized…

Help, please.