I’m Annoying People

Good morning! My life has truly changed for the better, I can’t put into words here how much and in what ways (tons) because that’s not what this is about and so I will leave that for another time. My question is, how can I who have grown so much, brought myself out of so much needless suffering, stand by while my friends and family wallow in their self-made struggles? When I offer, every so gently, that the feelings they are having are coming from thoughts in their brain and that they actually get to choose how they think, which will change what they feel and take them out of their current misery – absolutely miraculous news! – I’d think they’d be doing a happy dance and begging for more – but usually I am met with an ‘Ok, whatever, (eye roll) I was just looking for sympathy (which is pointless!) and some commiseration (which is me lying to them that I feel the same way)’.
I get that they can do whatever they want, they can ignore the lifeline, let that ladder out of their pit just sit there unused. And so I respond with, ‘I hear you’ and ‘I agree, that sucks’ and hold my tongue. But are there other, constructive ways to help the people we love to find what I believe (my thought, I know) to be the answer (why didn’t anyone tell me this before?) that will change everything for them and get them out of their pit – do they like it in there?