Im messy and my husband isnt

Oh man have him and I gone back and forth for years on this one. Clutter just doesnt bother me. I mean, yes its unsightly, but im unphased by it, and to be honest, some times oblivious – or ignore the mess because “meh”. My hubby, bless him, LOVES a clean home. And so do I. When our home is clean the energy feels good and we both love it. But I guess that feeling isnt a big enough driver to change my thinking in all of it.

So I had that converation with my hubby… ya know the one you speak to about control and how if he wants a clean home he should clean the home and not to get me off the hook but so that he can feel better. I shared with him how hes choosing to look at the mess negatively (and rightfully so) but that mess does not directly mean ANGER and worse that I disrespect him. I told him – my behavior has nothing to do with him but entirely with me. I have different habits that ive conditioned myself too over the years as has he and we cant control each other, but rather share the rule book.

Well fahk, his rule book is to pick up after nyself. Which YES SEEMS SO EASY but I just am oblivious. As in, while we were having this conversation about cleaning up (like MID CONVERSATION) I just left my cofee cup in sink instead of cleaning up after myself to put it in the dishwasher hahahahha oh man, it didnt even cross my mind and we were mid conversation about all this.

What do I do? I listened to your Podcast episode with Shira and was sooooo motivated for 5 minutes lol and yes I know I act in discipline because im a fuckin grown up but how do I change and should I? I cant assess my thoughts properly here on this one and would looooove your help <3