"I’m not a sweets person…"

I had a friend post a picture on his FB wall of an entire display case of cookies, cakes, etc. His comment was… “I’m not a sweets person, but if I was – this would be amazing!”

And I thought… “Not a sweets person”? I’ve been working on thoughts around sugar for a while now – and doing pretty well – but there are times when I’ll fall (it’s an accident) into a bag of mini-chocolate chip cookies. So I looked it up and OMG… there are ACTUAL human beings who are “not sweets people” and don’t really like sugar. (By the way, non-sugar eaters are treated like non-drinkers. I read an article that said “Things People Who Don’t Like Sweets Are Tired of Hearing” … Are you on a diet? Do you have cheat days? Are you insane? What’s wrong with you?)

Anyway – I’ve adopted that thought. “I’m not a sweets person”. Immediately, as if the Universe wanted to test the power of this thought, my partner came in and threw 3 Tootsie Rolls on my desk in front of me. I thanked him profusely, with a smile, put them in my desk drawer, and thought “How lovely! I’m not a sweets person, but maybe I’ll surprise him with these later on as treats – since he loves them so much.” And I did. 🙂

I was also drinking a diet coke – and thought: Hmmm… I want to stop drinking diet cokes and all artificial sweeteners, you know what… “I’m not an artificial sweetener person”. And I poured it out. Now, it’s obviously not magic. I wanted to change both of these habits already – but my previous thoughts of “I LOVE SUGAR – But I Need to Put Down the Mini-Chocolate Chips and Back Away!” were not working. This one seems to work much better.

So… I’m not an alcohol person OR a sweets person OR an artificial sweetener person.

Instead – I’m a self-coaching scholar who creates and believes helpful thoughts that support my goals.

Just thought I’d share. I’m a sharing person. 😉