I’m not qualified for this

I am a part-time coach and I coach on self-love and weight loss. I love my clients, and my clients often see so much success. But, I have this one client that whenever I need to coach her, I get this huge pit of self-doubt and struggle. She initially came to me as someone who wanted to lose weight, but after coaching I realized that she did not, in fact, need to lose weight, and her reasons for wanting coaching were more for self-acceptance. I do a lot of self-love coaching with my weight loss clients as well, so I told her that we could solely focus on the self/body love part and she happily agreed.

As our coaching has progressed, I can see that she is a little more resistant to coaching, and I keep having this terrible fear that I’m not qualified for this. I have never coached anyone solely on self/body love, and find that she often has dysmorphic thoughts. She obviously does not have a medical condition or anything, but I keep feeling like I’m not qualified for this. She keeps saying how coaching has helped her, but obviously still has some negative thoughts. I just need help with this, because I feel stuck when it comes to coaching her. How do I know when she should be coached or go to a medical practitioner? She has no history of an eating disorder, is a normal weight, etc but for some reason, my brain keeps telling me that I am not qualified for this.