Importance (Nadège)

Dear coach,
When I overeat, the sentence in my brain is “It’s not important” because I now realise I’m thinking “I’m not important.” Now I’m aware of it, I’m trying to come up with believable thoughts that would make me feel worthy.
– “I’m the most important person in my life” – on some level, I do believe it because my whole life revolves around me, from the cradle to the grave. But “the most important”?! No, I still don’t believe I’m THAT important. I just happen to be in my life. I suppose I’m still not taking full responsibility for my life.
– “I’m always with me” – that feels more neutral, more acceptable because I believe it’s true. Even in my sleep, I’m here with me.
C – me
T – I’m always with me
F – comforted
A – I’m thinking about taking care of myself
R – I feel a bit better about me
Maybe one day I’ll believe “I’m always here for me”. Are there any other bridge thoughts to make me think I’m worthy? Thank you.