Impossible Goal

Hello Brooke
My name is Penelope (Pene) and I am from Australia. I am absolutely thrilled, over the moon to be in Scholars and already love it.
I am new to Scholars and have completed the foundation questions for the month of December. The impossible goal I have chosen for 2019 is: to set up and run a portrait photography business that brings in on average $2000 per week for 2019; an annual income of $104,000. To be accomplished by 31 December 2019. Banking/tax records will prove this result.
My questions is this: Is this goal actually 2 goals i.e. setting up and running the business being one goal and the financial target being the 2nd goal. I own a full frame camera and have no photography experience. Please advise whether or not I have inadvertently combined 2 goals into one. I am more than happy with the goal I chose and am totally willing to fail whilst taking daily action/s toward achieving my impossible goal.
“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda