Impossible goal

So, I’ve established through my coaching that I am not neutral about the scale. I want to be, and I’m becoming someone who is neutral about the scale, and I’m more neutral about it than I have been before.

C Scale says 1X1.4
T I should feel neutral about the scale and I don’t
F Defeated
A Wonder if protocol isn’t working, wonder what’s wrong with me, I start to obsess about diet and food decisions, I don’t fully engage with my life (I withdraw, even if it is subtle)
R I continue to create drama around the scale

This next model feels the most accurate to where I am right now

C scale says 1X1.4
T I don’t feel neutral about the scale yet AND I can stick to my protocol anyway
F Determined
A Continue about my day, plan protocol, set my week up for success, I record my weight just like always, I notice trends in the weight up and down, I consider what caused the weight gain without freaking out, I allow the river of misery feelings fully without needing them to go away
R I stick to protocol and traverse the river of misery

I believe this one too

C Scale says 1X1.4
T I’m committed to massive action no matter what – I am 100% up for whatever challenge this day / my brain brings
F Unstoppable
A Create protocol, go about the rest of my day without a blip, thank myself for setting my week up for success and being willing to step into emotional adulthood
R I take massive action toward my goals and life

A few more bridge thoughts from my future self:

This is literally not a problem for me
I used to have a brain that created drama around the scale, but I never do that anymore
The reason I don’t feel neutral around the scale is because my brain offers not-neutral thoughts – this is not a problem
Feeling neutral around the scale is available to me, and I don’t have to be in a rush to get there
The scale is truly a neutral circumstance and has no ability to make me think anything
I am reprogramming from diet culture every day