Impossible Goal

Just joined SCS, so excited. Reading through December’s workbook tonight, I’m wondering if my impossible goal is specific enough?

I am a full time employed family physician. I am also enrolled in TLCS coaching certification program.

When I think of what I really want to work on I keep coming back to “Make a difference in the health care system; be an impetus for change in creating a more humane health care system for all.”

This is a long-term/life long “impossible goal” that keeps me excited and moving forward, but wondering if I can use it as my goal this year as well.

I think I would measure success by having created and launched a “physician inspired” website and podcast, meeting with healthcare system and government leaders in my state, and developing a coaching program for physicians in “burnout” (though concerned this “niche” isn’t specific enough, and not a huge fan of the term “burnout” anyway…may do some work on that).

Would appreciate feedback on my impossible goal and it’s measures of success being specific/measurable enough. Thank you!