Impossible goal day 10

C: Scale says 1X9.6
T: I should feel more neutral about the scale
F: Defeated
A: Do a model, start the day with less motivation for all things, not just weight loss. Tell myself I’m doing thought-work wrong, tell myself that my goal is stupid. I don’t get up and shower and get ready for the day. Buffer with content consumption. Tell myself I’m wasting time, and wonder what I’m doing wrong.
R: I create more feelings of not-neutral

To neutralize….I notice that there is a programmed sentence in my brain that says the vibrations in my body should be different than they are. This alone is what is causing my distress. The feeling of defeat/discouragement is caused by my thoughts, it is not truth.

C: Scale says 1X9.6
T: I can feel discouraged and take action anyway
F: Encouraged (how trippy is that!!! Allowing discouragement makes me feel encouraged?!)
A: Stay with protocol without question, make a plan to re-assess in a week, do some thought-work on my urgency to lose weight and why it is important to me, allow the feeling of discouragement to come and pass. Dive into the rest of my life.
R: I teach my brain that I can take action in the face of discouragement, and that the vibrations in my body are not a problem.

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