Impossible goal day 21

Impossible goal is weight loss/ emotional eating related.

C: Other circumstances besides weight loss exist in my life
T: I’ll just plan my boring protocol and move on
F: Indifferent (like I’m just going through the motions)
A: I do the minimum necessary without giving it much thought, I don’t make a big deal out of food, but I’m more likely to forget things or leave more ‘grey area’ in my protocol, especially since I have an unpredictable dinner out. I don’t see this as a bad thing, but since I’m still in the ROM I think an emotion a little stronger than indifference could be helpful. I don’t fully engage in practicing managing my mind to overcome obstacles.
R: I plan my protocol and move on.

New Model

C: Other circumstances besides weight loss exist in my life
T: I am 100% all in on honoring the commitment I made to my impossible goal, ESPECIALLY when other things are happening in life. (I ALWAYS have my own back).
F: Confident and compassionate
A: Write out protocol as detailed as possible so my future self doesn’t have to make decisions on the fly (I have her back), I thank my current self for ALL the work she’s doing in all areas of her life, I celebrate her for all the changes she’s made, I make sure she knows I love her and am grateful for her, I praise her. I re-read my thought ladder on “this is going to be hard” and on feelings of “hunger” and on “I am so much more fun when I overdrink” so that I am ready when those obstacles arise.
R: I take care of myself with love even in the face of life challenges.

Open to feedback!