Impossible Goal Help

I’m starting the online certification program in April and my IG is to become certified and make 18k from coaching by the end of 2019. Becoming certified is believable-it’s the money part my brain is freaking out about. The main thing is that after I am certified there will only be 3 months until the end of the year (I realize I could potentially start charging during the practical phase to give me a head start). I picked 18k because it’s the cost of the training. I don’t need to make that specific amount I thought it might just be fun to make it happen. I could consider lowering the amount but also don’t want to cut myself short by being “realistic”. Thoughts?

My other question is about the worthy fails. I want to get on with fails prior to April but am having trouble coming up with ideas on how to fail towards this goal prior to the training starting. Is this an issue? Should I pick a goal where more immediate action is available?