Impossible Goal: Letting go of winning at goal.

I really appreciate your Winning vs Learning section in this month’s workbook. My mind is grabbing onto the “sneaky” backdoor way of succeeding at something like a dog with a chew toy. It keeps saying this is a way to trick me into doing a goal I’ve never done before- which would be great if it would stop there. Instead, it’s like “nice try. I’m onto you,” and everything gets shut down.

My question is how to let go of winning so that my brain can truly surrender to the process of learning and growing without actually having a prize at the end? FYI my pattern of behavior is to be super gung-ho about a new practice/strategy/ way of being for about a week, and then I’m kind of right back to where I was before. Don’t know why I’m mentioning this except that they seem related somehow.

In the beginning, I can get my thoughts/brain to a “yeah! You’re doing it this time, everything is going to be different.” Eventually, it migrates to “yep, didn’t work/ didn’t stick with it like always.”