Improving my marriage goal

Hi Brooke. My impossible goal for 2019 is to majorly improving my marriage/relationship with my husband. I want nothing more than having peace, calmness and loving kindness between my husband and I. I have been wanted this for over 10 years and still haven’t figured it out. I am working on completely dropping the manual for him, wholeheartedly accepting him for who he is, feeling compassion instead of resentment towards him, showing up as the wife I would like to be, being true to myself, peacefully communicating with him, as well as other ways I’ve tried working on my marriage since last year’s impossible goal. My question is how do I show exact results that prove my goal has been achieved? I don’t know of a measurable tool or achievement to use to show progress and know I’ve reached my goal. According to my husband’s thoughts he doesn’t see any improvement in me or our relationship. I hope to get some guidance from you.