Insomnia is awesome

I’ve struggled with insomnia for most of my adult life. I’ll go through phases of waking up at 2am for 3 or 4 hours, then falling asleep for a couple of hours before I wake up and rush to get ready and get to work. Then for the whole workday, I feel tired, cranky, stressed, rushed, miserable, etc. So I’ve really wanting to change my thinking around it. I read through all of the old Ask Brooke questions and answers about insomnia. They mostly boiled down to the thought – I have insomnia right now and that’s ok. So I tried that for a few nights but my response was always, no, it’s not ok, it’s still terrible. Then last night I had the thought – I have insomnia right now and it is awesome (with very heavy sarcasm). But then I thought – could I somehow make insomnia awesome? I ended up with – It’s awesome that I have insomnia tonight because I can get up, I have 3 hours to get things done, and I can get a jump start on my day. And guess what – I got up, did a bunch of stuff, got ready for work, and took a little nap before work. And I feel great. Yes, I’m a little tired but that part is ok for me, I can handle tired. So I started to write this to ask if this is a good way to handle insomnia, but I think I answered my own question. I am interested, though, why I could believe “insomnia is awesome” but I couldn’t get myself to believe it’s “ok”?