Integrating the parts of you that want different things?

Hi coaches
Brooke coached a lady on the diamond call about competing ‘why’s/want’s’ and it was amazing.
It was about weight loss but I found it really helpful relative to my wants around following my calendar and procrastinating, also drinking.

Brooke explained we need to understand and have compassion for the part of us that does want the ‘thing’ we think is preventing us from getting the result. So for me it would be understanding and having compassion for the part that DOES want to drink in the evening or DOES want to avoid doing a task on her calendar, that does want the comfort, does want to avoid ‘pain’

That we can’t create sustainable change while hating that part of ourselves.

My question is, how can I start doing this? How can I have compassion for that part, and integrate that with the part of me that wants growth and evolution, to create what Brooke called the beautiful middle?
Thank you