Intense emotional decision – I didn’t self coach

Hi Brooke/coaches,
So today my best friend calls and tells me that her doctor wants to induce her due to low amniotic fluid (she is 36 weeks pregnant with baby #1). She wanted my advice on what I think she should do.
I immediately went into state of panic (for it’s a very big decision) and told her she should do just as her doctor says – induce right away, for I think it was the safest thing to do. She called me 15 mins later and tells me they are going ahead with induction.
My husband comes home and tells me that induction is not the right decision at her gestation and that I influenced my friend negatively. He says they basically should wait for a while to decide and not decide on haste. I was so upset to hear that (upset because I thought I gave wrong advice) but I knew , I gave my opinion from the best of my intentions and wanting to do the safest thing. But my husband accused me of compounding the haste in the decision and his words were – where is all your self coaching when you need to handle situations/ make life changing decisions at the spur of the moment , like here ?
That question got me thinking
What would you do in those situation? Would you stop self coach yourself and make a decision?
I agree with him I may have added on to the haste but I stand by my decision, and the baby is going to be awesome !
Please let me know your thoughts here