Intentional model easier than unintentional?

I just had a “thing” with my husband and went right to making a model.

C – I cannot talk to my husband
T – It’s not an enjoyable activity
F – Sad, defeated, numb
A – Withdraw. Keep busy
R – No talking. No resolution. No discussion.

So I kept all the drama and explanation out of the unintentional model. I’m wondering where to go with the intentional model and am interested in guidance, please:

C – I have great conversations
T – It’s fun to connect
F – Content and fulfilled
A – Proceed with a skip to my step and look forward to the next great connecting convo
R – Have more great conversations

I know what it feels like to have a great connecting conversation. I enjoy those immensely. Is this how to do the intentional model – to take “the person” out of it and make it more general.

Thanks for any feedback!