Intentional movement and paying attention of movement to learn for future opportunities

I would like to be more intentional about learning to improve my dancing. For instance, I allocate 6 hours a week for lessons and practicing my skillset. I would like to be very intentional on how I spend my time during the 6 hours. After I watch the instructor walk through the sequence the class should try, I sometimes find I have a thought of “Well, we will see how this dance sequence will go”. I am thinking I would get more improvement on my skillset if I have more intention to my thoughts. My question is: Can you review the model below and provide insight on some thoughts to help give intention for movement improvement?

Here is the model I was working with:

Unintentional model:
C:Trying a new sequence at dance class
T: we will see how this goes
A:Try half heartedly, go through the motions, not pay attention to learning opportunities (such as where I can improve), not practice the items I wanted to focus my attention on (how to move arms, slow the sequence down, make each move with intention and expression)
R:Half hazard dance sequence tried (Not sure if this is a result, maybe this is a thought)

Intentional Model:
C:Trying a new sequence at dance class
T:Every sequence practice is a new learning opportunity (What other thoughts could I have?)
A:look for areas needing strategies for improving next time practice, talk about specific moves and how they move through them with others in class, Coach my mind through common recurring negative thoughts or question the thought, imagine the move slowly in my mind, intentionally walk through each motion, watch and learn from others in the class
R:Foundational sequence complete with 3 new strategies to improve next time I practice