Intentional purpose & goals. The way that I do it, the how?

My intentional purpose is: Being aware of, and present in, any moment, accepting what is, making no drama’s, loving unconditionally.

Deciding on my goals. These goals I will reach in a way (the how) aligned with my intentional purpose.
Some of my goals are:
– completing my yoga teacher training that I left since we moved abroad.
– Break Even in my new interior design shop this year
– Listen to my son with all attention
– Visit my mom this year

The intentional purpose is the way, the how, I continue the process of reaching my goals. Is this correct?
I’ll find out what is necessary to do to get to my goals, then plan the activities in my agenda, and follow through. I do this being aware, present, without drama… etc. as written above in my intentional purpose.
Do I get it?

This is day 4 of August. I’ve done my homework, also of the first and second podcasts. Still, I feel like I’m mixing intentional purpose and goals.

Please will you give me feedback?