Involving husband in children/work/time management

My question is I am trying to manage my mind around work hours. I’m trying to plan my work and free time hours and be committed to doing it. I’m not at the place of having a nanny so I asked my husband if he could help with planning a schedule and taking care of our two children. I have in the past just tried to work when the Stars aligned and my kids cooperated. This causes the mindset of when I’m at work my mind is on my family and when I’m with my family I’m not present. It feels awful.

When I asked my husband to truly be with the kids while I work and not just half way watch them. ( He gardens all our food in the evening so he’s doing that while the boys are Fighting outside of my office) this is hard for me to focus and be productive at work.

My husband is currently not speaking to me because when I ask for help he makes it mean he is a bad husband. I currently feel awful and don’t want to ask for help because it ends badly.